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The city of Peoria Municipal Complex is home to City Hall, the Council Chambers, the Main Library, the Development and Community Services Building, the Public Safety Administration Building, and the Municipal Court.

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The City of Peoria budget is managed by the Management and Budget Division. Find copies of the latest Program Budget and the CIP here.


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City Manager’s Message on Diversity and Inclusion

How to pay bills you may have with the city, including water, sewer and trash collection fees, recreation program and class fees, traffic fines and more. Setup water and sewer service.

Home and Property Resources includes information on trash pickup,water conservation, swimming  pool issues and recycling, along with other relevant information for homeowners.

Neighborhood Resources includes information on dealing with graffiti removal, block parties, animal control, street repairs, odors and other neighborhood related quality of life issues.

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The city's main document portal for development related documents including planning and zoning, building, engineering and fire prevention.

The Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres conduct spring training at the Peoria Sports Complex each February and March. Everything you need to know is at PeoriaSpringTraining.com.

A listing of area hotels, motels and RV Parks, listed by distance from the Peoria Sports Complex.

The city of Peoria, Arizona is proud to be the "Gateway to Lake Pleasant," one of the finest water recreation areas in Arizona.

Links to Items of interest to tourists, including VisitPeoriaaz.com, our official tourism website.

The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts consists of a 280 seat main stage auditorium and an 80+ seat black box theater, designed to bring award winning community theater to downtown Peoria. 

City of Peoria hiking trails information, directions and maps.

A listing of links to maps available on the city of Peoria Website.

Special Events, sponsored and hosted by the city, held throughout the year at the Peoria Sports Complex, Oldtown Peoria and other areas.

The Peoria Sports Complex is home to the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners during spring training, and many other events throughout the year.


Pine District Update for August 6, 2015

Pine District Event Reminders  


Peoria Support Hosts Free Dementia Awareness Seminars

The city of Peoria and the Arizona Alzheimer’s Association will hold two free educational seminars back-to-back. Behavior is a powerful form of communication and is often the primary way for people with dementia to communicate as the ability to use language is lost. However, some behaviors can be challenging so the first seminar will provide insight while identifying common behavior triggers. The first topic is Understanding & Responding to Dementia-Related Behaviors. It will be held Aug. 8 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Rio Vista Recreation Center, located at 8866 W. Thunderbird. The second seminar, Effective Communications Strategies with Someone with Alzheimer’s, immediately follows at 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. To register, email Debbie.Pearson@peoriaaz.gov or call 623-773-7070.

Planning that upcoming vacation?  

One item on your preparation list should be to contact the Peoria Police Department to sign up for the "Vacation Watch" program. This free service is provided to residents of the City of Peoria. The program serves to periodically check on your home while you are away. Citizens living within the city limits can be placed on the "Vacation Watch" list by completing a form at the Peoria Police Department or by downloading the form below and sending it to us. Homes will be watched for up to 30 days.

When your home is listed with the Peoria Police Department for a vacation watch, civilian volunteers periodically stop and check on your home. Volunteers may walk around your home to see if there is anything unusual or if there is any apparent damage. If any sign of forced entry or unexpected change occurs, a uniformed police officer will be contacted and an investigation will be conducted. You or your emergency contacts will also be contacted. This is a service to residents inside the Peoria City limits.

Although this is not a guarantee that your home will not be damaged or burglarized, it gives you some added protection. We encourage you to make arrangements with family members, friends or neighbors to also check on your home.

We strongly suggest that you stop all mail and newspaper delivery prior to your departure and that you leave a key with a personal contact or trusted neighbor.

For more information about the vacation watch program click here

 This service is not intended for vacant homes, winter homes, houses for sale or hospital (indefinite) stays. 

City of Peoria is seeking Board and Commissions Members 

One of the best ways to get involved with a city and have your voice be heard is to serve on a board or commission. The city has current vacancies on the Building Boards of Appeals, Citizens Commission on Salaries for Elected City Officials, Library board, Personnel board and the Youth Advisory board. Applications are accepted for all Boards and Commissions at any time, even if no current vacancy exists. The City of Peoria has approximately 23 Boards and Commissions in existence. An application can be downloaded and submitted or completed online. Board members serve on a volunteer basis. For most Boards and Commissions, a full term is four years. If a vacancy occurs due to a reason other than term expiration, the position will be filled to complete the remainder of the existing term. The public is welcome to attend any meetings of our boards/commissions, and applicants are encouraged to attend the meetings of any board/commission that interests them. Information regarding meeting dates, times and agendas can be found at http://www.peoriaaz.gov/councilmeetings. A list of current board/commission vacancies is available at: http://www.peoriaaz.gov/boards.

Watch out for Walkers and Bicyclists Heading Back to School

Schools in the Peoria Unified School District begin the year on Monday, Aug. 10, and the city wants to remind drivers to be especially mindful of pedestrians and children riding bicycles during before-and-after school hours. According to AAA, 13 percent of school children walk to school, and nearly one-third of child pedestrian fatalities occur between 3-7 p.m. In addition, it is important for parents to discuss back-to-school safety tips with children to ensure a safe experience to and from school. Here are some tips:

Always take a friend with you when walking or riding to and from school. Walk and ride in well-lit areas, and never take short cuts. When walking and biking stay aware of your surroundings and observe all traffic rules.

Stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. If anyone bothers you while going to or from school, get away from that person, and tell a trusted adult like your parents, guardians, or teacher.

If an adult approaches you for help or directions, remember grownups needing help should not ask children for help they should ask other adults.

If someone tries to take you somewhere, move away from them quickly and yell, “this person is trying to take me away!” Or “this person is not my father /mother!”

Leave items and clothing with your name on them at home. If someone you don’t know calls out your name, don’t be fooled into thinking they are a friend.

If you want to change your plans after school, always check first with your parents or guardians. Never play in parks, malls, or video arcades by yourself. Have your parents’ or guardians permission to play in specific areas, and always let them know where you are going to be.

If you go home alone after school, call your parents or guardians to let them know that you are home and okay. Make sure you follow home alone rules, by keeping the door locked; not opening the door for or talking to anyone who stops by unless the person is pre-approved by your parents or guardians; never tell someone who calls that you are home alone. Have a neighbor or trusted adult you can call if you’re scared or there’s an emergency.

Trust your feelings. If someone makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused, get away as quickly as you can and tell a trusted adult what happened.