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Peoria's history, population, vision/mission statements, sustainability efforts, redistricting, and construction projects. Info on the P83 district, schools, the Peoria Leadership Institute seminar, and diversity.

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Information on the City Council including agendas , the Mayor, the Municipal Court, City Manager and ADA along with the city's various initiatives.

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News from the city of Peoria, press releases from the Office of Commnications, links to RSS feeds and E-News signup. View programming on Channel 11, PeoriaTV.

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Information on the employment process, a listing of current open jobs, how to apply on-line and a list of all jobs and salaries at the city.

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 A listing of links to directories of city services, including all online e-services.

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The city of Peoria Municipal Complex is home to City Hall, the Council Chambers, the Main Library, the Development and Community Services Building, the Public Safety Administration Building, and the Municipal Court.

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A listing of links to maps available on the city of Peoria Website.

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The City of Peoria budget is managed by the Management and Budget Division. Find copies of the latest Program Budget and the CIP here.


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The City Code and  Zoning Ordinace, with updates are located here. Also, find the City Charter, and legal statements related to the website, including our Privacy Notice.

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City Manager’s Message on Diversity and Inclusion

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How to pay bills you may have with the city, including water, sewer and trash collection fees, recreation program and class fees, traffic fines and more. Setup water and sewer service.

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Home and Property Resources includes information on trash pickup,water conservation, swimming  pool issues and recycling, along with other relevant information for homeowners.

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Neighborhood Resources includes information on dealing with graffiti removal, block parties, animal control, street repairs, odors and other neighborhood related quality of life issues.

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Helpful services provided by the fire and police departments. Report criminal activity, locate crime information, register alarms, and learn about crime prevention.

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Search for scheduled events and meetings in the city including documents relating to city council meetings and other meetings.

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This section contains information and links to the Peoria Public Library's website, the Arts Commission, the Center for Performing Arts, and Annual Arts festivals and Celebrations. 

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Information on recreation programs and classes, afterschool and preschool programs, sports leagues and locations and amenities of city parks.

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Information on bus routes, park and ride, dial a ride and bicycle paths. Also, road closures and lane restrictions.

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Use this page to find information on the city of Peoria website of interest to builders and developers.Included are inspections, zoning and zoning ordinance, the city code, general plan, permitting, and impact fees.

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How to get a business license, tax license, sales tax schedules/forms, register to use the online eTax system, pay taxes and fees. Bidding on contracts with the city and auctions, trash collection, recycling, traffic counts.

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Links to the Building Development Division and the Site Development Division of the Engineering Department

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Information on Building Permits. Find out about permits for signs, temporary use of property, filming, and alarms. Download forms and track applications for development, building, planning and engineering permits.

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The city's main document portal for development related documents including planning and zoning, building, engineering and fire prevention.

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Economic Development Services offerss Business and Real Estate Development, and other assistance for businesses and developers finding sites, understanding the area, and growing their businesses, on the website PeoriaAZSmart.com....

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The Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres conduct spring training at the Peoria Sports Complex each February and March. Everything you need to know is at PeoriaSpringTraining.com.

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A listing of area hotels, motels and RV Parks, listed by distance from the Peoria Sports Complex.

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The city of Peoria, Arizona is proud to be the "Gateway to Lake Pleasant," one of the finest water recreation areas in Arizona.

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Links to Items of interest to tourists, including VisitPeoriaaz.com, our official tourism website.

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The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts consists of a 280 seat main stage auditorium and an 80+ seat black box theater, designed to bring award winning community theater to downtown Peoria. 

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City of Peoria hiking trails information, directions and maps.

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A listing of links to maps available on the city of Peoria Website.

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Special Events, sponsored and hosted by the city, held throughout the year at the Peoria Sports Complex, Oldtown Peoria and other areas.

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The Peoria Sports Complex is home to the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners during spring training, and many other events throughout the year.

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Fire Department Frequently Asked Questions 


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I live in an apartment complex.  Can I use a barbecue grill on my patio or balcony?
No.  Gas and charcoal grills cannot be used per 2003 International Fire Code Chapter 3 Section 308. 


I have bees in my tree, can the Fire Department remove them?
If the bees are attacking a person, dial 9-1-1. Otherwise, look in the yellow pages under Bee Removal.

I need to have a business inspected.
Call the Fire Prevention office at 623-773-7593 to schedule an inspection. 

Do you register bicycles?
We no longer register bicycles.

Where can I get my blood pressure taken?
You can stop by any fire station between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Do you provide CPR and First Aid classes?
Yes, click here for more information

Do you install car seats?
Yes, we have a car seat installer available by appointment only.  Please call Fire Prevention at 623-773-7279 to schedule an appointment.

I need assistance with my smoke alarm or CO monitor. 

Contact Fire Prevention  at 623-773-7279.

I need a copy of a report for an incident I was involved in.
If the record you are requesting involves an EMS incident, click here for the request form. If you are requesting a fire incident, click here for the request form. You can fill out the records request form and mail it to Fire Administration at 8401 W. Monroe, Peoria, AZ 85345 or deliver it to 8351 W. Cinnabar Ave.

I have a child who plays with fire. What can I do?
Contact Fire Prevention at 623-773-7279.

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Do you have Patient Information and/or DNR forms that I could fill out to let firefighters know my medical history and wishes? 

We have both. Click here to directly access the Department of Health website to obtain a 'Do Not Resuscitate' form.  Please note:  A DNR must be printed on orange paper.

Click here for the Emergency Medical Information Sheet.  Click here for Patient Information Sheet

If you are unable to download and print either of these forms, please contact Fire Administration at 623-773-7279 to request a package be mailed directly to you. 

It is general practice for Paramedics to check the refrigerator for all medical documents.


Employment opportunity inquiries.
For information, please follow this link: Employment 

I am an out of state EMT. Where can I find information about becoming an Arizona EMT?
The Arizona Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (AZBEMS) is the regulatory body for EMT certification. To learn more about EMT certification reciprocity, visit the AZBEMS web site at www.hs.state.az.us/bems, or call 1-800-200-8523.

Do you give fire extinguisher training?
Fire Prevention has a presentation that discusses proper fire extinguisher usage, although it does not include hands-on training.

I need an EMT or Paramedic to cover a special event.
The rates are $45/hour for an EMT and $48/hour for a Paramedic. Supplies for EMS coverage are $25/hour. Per the Special Events Contract, we ask for payment in advance.

What kind of educational requirements are there to be fire fighter?
To test for the Peoria Fire Department, an applicant must be a high school graduate (or GED), and have completed an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course.  Although it is not a requirement of the job, a candidate’s chances of selection are increased if they have achieved an advanced, or are pursuing, a college degree.

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What’s the closest fire station to my home?
Click here to find the fire station closest to your home.

Where can I get my fire extinguisher recharged?
Contact a private company, found in the yellow pages of the phone book under Fire Extinguishers.

I would like to tour a fire station.
Contact Fire Prevention at 623-773-7279 to schedule an appointment.

I would like to know the names of the firefighters who responded to my emergency.
Call 623-773-7279.

Do I need a pool fence in the City of Peoria?
Please click here to read Peoria's Pool and Spa Barrier regulations.

A fire lane is blocked, who do I notify?
Call the Police Department's non-emergency phone number at 623-773-8311.

I would like brochures on fire safety—where can I get them?
We have several fire and home safety tips, click here to access them on our website under "Safety Tips". 

Why do I see fire trucks parked at the grocery store?
Our fire companies work 24 hour shifts, which means that they eat, sleep, and work at the fire station for 24 hours at a time. They may need to go to the grocery store to purchase food to prepare meals for the day. Because they must be able to respond to an emergency incident at any time, the crew is required to stay together, close to their apparatus, and be prepared to deploy immediately, even from the grocery store, if they get a call.

Why do some fire trucks park down the street from a fire?
Citizens may see fire apparatus parked down the street from an incident for two primary reasons:

a. In situations when an EMS scene is deemed unsafe due to a potentially violent patient or family member, or there are dangerous drugs involved, engines carrying paramedics may “stage” until members of the police department have secured (made safe) the scene.

b. On fire calls, engine and truck companies may stage until they have been provided an assignment by an “incident commander.” Because firefighters work as a team, it is critical that they communicate where their resources are best used. This cannot take place until a “triage” of the building has been completed to identify the hazards associated with the fire.

Why do I see fire fighters running at the local high school or exercising in some other way?
It is critical that a firefighter’s mind, body, and spirit are able to operate at peak performance in a moment’s notice. The nature of the occupation demands a great deal of physical strength and stamina. As such, firefighters are encouraged to spend approximately one hour each day (on and off duty) exercising.

How hot does a house fire get?
The temperature of a house fire depends on the materials that are burning. Now more than ever, our society's modern conveniences are made of synthetics instead of Mother Nature’s raw materials. When plastics or other petroleum based products burn, temperatures can reach as high as 1,200°F.

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I have a hazardous material I want to dispose of…how do I do that?
If it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If not, click here to go to the Solid Waste recycling calendar or dial the Hazardous Materials Hotline at 623-773-7441 for more information.


What is Peoria’s ISO rating?
The Peoria Fire Department has an Insurance Service Organization rating of 3 (1 is the highest and 10 the lowest) which results in lower fire insurance costs for Peoria residents. For more information about the ISO Ratings/ Fire Suppression Rating schedule please visit the ISO Mitigation Online website at www.isomitigation.com.

I would like someone to come inspect my home for safety issues.
Call Fire Prevention  at 623-773-7279.

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I need assistance with my Knox Box.
Call Fire Prevention  at 623-773-7279 to lock keys in the Knox Box. For any other type of assistance, contact a private company from the yellow pages.






I need a permit. Who do I contact?
Download the Permit Application and fill it out.  Contact Fire Prevention at 623-773-7279 for further assistance. 

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Do you have a program for young adults interested in the fire service?
Yes, the Red Shirt program. More info...

I would like to ride along with the firefighters. How do I do that?
You will need to fill out a Waiver of Liability form and submit it to the Captain of the fire station where you choose to observe, or you can call the Fire Administration office at 623-773-7279 for more information.

What is the average response time to an emergency?
In the City of Peoria, it is currently 4:41 minutes. This is measured from the time the apparatus leaves the station to the time they arrive on scene.

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How can I schedule a safety program at my school?
Contact Fire Prevention  at 623-773-7279 to schedule an appointment.

How can I schedule the smoke safety trailer?
Call Fire Prevention  at 623-773-7279 to schedule an appointment.

Can you fill my swimming pool?
We do not fill swimming pools.

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Do you collect toys for children?
We collect toys for children mostly around the holiday season. We only accept, new, unopened toys and do not accept stuffed animals.  Please check our website for dates and drop-off locations.




Problems with overgrown weeds.
Contact Code Compliance at 623-773-7162. 




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