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Information on the City Council including agendas , the Mayor, the Municipal Court, City Manager and ADA along with the city's various initiatives.

News from the city of Peoria, press releases from the Office of Commnications, links to RSS feeds and E-News signup. View programming on Channel 11, PeoriaTV.

Information on the employment process, a listing of current open jobs, how to apply on-line and a list of all jobs and salaries at the city.

 A listing of links to directories of city services, including all online e-services.

The city of Peoria Municipal Complex is home to City Hall, the Council Chambers, the Main Library, the Development and Community Services Building, the Public Safety Administration Building, and the Municipal Court.

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The City of Peoria budget is managed by the Management and Budget Division. Find copies of the latest Program Budget and the CIP here.


The City Code and  Zoning Ordinace, with updates are located here. Also, find the City Charter, and legal statements related to the website, including our Privacy Notice.

City Manager’s Message on Diversity and Inclusion

How to pay bills you may have with the city, including water, sewer and trash collection fees, recreation program and class fees, traffic fines and more. Setup water and sewer service.

Home and Property Resources includes information on trash pickup,water conservation, swimming  pool issues and recycling, along with other relevant information for homeowners.

Neighborhood Resources includes information on dealing with graffiti removal, block parties, animal control, street repairs, odors and other neighborhood related quality of life issues.

Helpful services provided by the fire and police departments. Report criminal activity, locate crime information, register alarms, and learn about crime prevention.

Search for scheduled events and meetings in the city including documents relating to city council meetings and other meetings.

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Information on bus routes, park and ride, dial a ride and bicycle paths. Also, road closures and lane restrictions.

Use this page to find information on the city of Peoria website of interest to builders and developers.Included are inspections, zoning and zoning ordinance, the city code, general plan, permitting, and impact fees.

How to get a business license, tax license, sales tax schedules/forms, register to use the online eTax system, pay taxes and fees. Bidding on contracts with the city and auctions, trash collection, recycling, traffic counts.

Business and Real EstateDevelopment, and other assistance for businesses and developers finding sites, understanding the area, and growing their businesses. Links to the Building Development Division and PeoriaED.Com.

Information on Building Permits. Find out about permits for signs, temporary use of property, filming, and alarms. Download forms and track applications for development, building, planning and engineering permits.

The city's main document portal for development related documents including planning and zoning, building, engineering and fire prevention.

The Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres conduct spring training at the Peoria Sports Complex each February and March. Everything you need to know is at PeoriaSpringTraining.com.

A listing of area hotels, motels and RV Parks, listed by distance from the Peoria Sports Complex.

The city of Peoria, Arizona is proud to be the "Gateway to Lake Pleasant," one of the finest water recreation areas in Arizona.

Links to Items of interest to tourists, including VisitPeoriaaz.com, our official tourism website.

The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts consists of a 280 seat main stage auditorium and an 80+ seat black box theater, designed to bring award winning community theater to downtown Peoria. 

City of Peoria hiking trails information, directions and maps.

A listing of links to maps available on the city of Peoria Website.

Special Events, sponsored and hosted by the city, held throughout the year at the Peoria Sports Complex, Oldtown Peoria and other areas.

The Peoria Sports Complex is home to the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners during spring training, and many other events throughout the year.

 Police Department Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Below are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the Peoria Police Department. If you do not see the answer to your question in the FAQs below, you can contact the Peoria Police Department Information Desk at 623-773-8311.

Q. When do I use the emergency 9-1-1 number to report an emergency, and when do I use the non-life threatening number, 623-773-8311, to report an emergency?
A. Use 9-1-1 ONLY for life threatening emergencies, crimes in progress and for medical or fire emergencies. Use the non-life threatening number, 623-773-8311 for non-life threatening emergencies, crimes NOT in progress, or an event in progress that is not a crime.

Q. How do I determine if a situation is considered "in progress"?
A. The situation is currently happening, or happened in the past 5 minutes, or the suspect was seen leaving the scene and can be at least partially described or a vehicle description can be given, or there is a chance if we arrive on scene quickly we can catch the suspect or prevent the crime from happening.

Q. How do I determine if an event "in progress" is a crime?
A. Ask yourself, "Is there a threat of injury or death occurring? Is there severe property damage? If caught, would the person be arrested? Is someone breaking into a car or building?

Q. Do you do fingerprinting?
A. No, but click here for a list of local agencies that do.

Q. How do I get a restraining order?
A. A restraining order, order of protection, or injunction prohibiting harassment can be obtained at any city, justice or superior court.

Q. Are mini bikes, scooters, go-peds, or pocket bikes legal?
A. Pocket bikes (mini motorcycles) are no different then any other motorcycle and must be registered with MVD, insured and the driver licensed.

They cannot be ridden on city sidewalks or in any City parks, the Peoria City complex or city parking structures
Any public street with four or more traffic lanes or a speed limit greater than 30 MPH.
Riders under 18 must wear a helmet.
Hours of operation: 8:00 am to sundown.
Must have a headlamp visible from 300 feet.
A rear red reflector visible from 500 feet.
A yellow reflector on each side visible from 200 feet.
Must have a muffler.
No high performance exhaust.
Must have a brake.
Cannot carry passengers.
Cannot carry packages which do not allow the operator to have at least one hand on the handlebar.
Must obey ALL traffic laws.

Q. What can the city do about a barking dog?
A. There are a few alternatives to address this problem. To report a barking dog, call the hotline at 623-773-7040. Any of the Department’s Animal Control Officers who personally observe excessive barking can issue a citation to the owner. If our investigation of a barking dog does not result in such an observation, we will continue to respond to subsequent complaints in an attempt to observe the violation.

As an alternative, the complainant can request a form which allows them to provide information about other neighbors who have similar experiences with the same animal and are willing to say so at a court hearing. Once completed, this allows the Animal Control Officer to interview other witnesses and forward a case for prosecution.

Typically, animal-related situations are handled by the Department’s Animal Control Unit rather than Police Officers. Members of the Animal Control Unit are specially trained to deal with animal situations. The Animal Control Unit is not available 24 hours a day; personnel are typically available 7 days a week, from as early as 7a.m. to as late as 10p.m on most days. Because of their training and expertise, Animal Control Officers are able to deal more effectively with animal situations, and this allows sworn police officers to remain in service to respond to other priorities.

In addition to these two avenues which can lead to prosecution, the Department offers another option that avoids prosecution but seeks to resolve the problem in another way. The Neighborhood Mediation Program exists to provide a forum for neighbors to work through this type of conflict. Mediation can help dog owners learn how they are affecting others, help complainants learn what steps the dog owner has taken to address the problem, and provides an opportunity for neighbors to solve a problem together without legal action.

Q. Is it legal for people to leave their dogs outside all day long?
A. Yes. As long as a dog has access to shade and water, it may be kept outside, in a garage, etc. The reasons people get dogs range from companionship to personal property protection. If you believe a dog is being neglected, such as not being fed regularly or has no access to shade or water, you may report this by calling (623)773-8311. An Animal Control Officer will investigate.

Q. How do I start a Neighborhood Watch?

  • Talk with your neighbors to determine if they have interest in the program.
  • Ask two or three neighbors to assist you by becoming Co-Captains.
  • Discuss neighborhood concerns.
  • Inform them of the benefit of the Neighborhood Block Watch.
  • Let them know Neighborhood Block Watch does not require frequent meetings or personal risk.
  • Ask all of your neighbors for their support and participation.

To learn more about the benefits of Neighborhood Watch and how to start one in your area, click here: Neighborhood Block Watch.

Q. What do I need to do to shut my street down for a block party?
A. Allowing for a 3-week minimum notice, you will need to mail or deliver a letter to the Police Department with the following:

Name, address and phone number of the responsible party
The date of the party.
Hours of the party.
Number of people expected.
Will there be alcohol? (If you intend to sell alcohol you must obtain a special use permit.)
Exact times of the street closure.
Obtain signatures from ALL the residents on the street, intersection to intersection.
Residents must be notified of any street closure, regardless of whether or not they plan on attending the block party. By signing the sheet, they are indicating they were notified of the date and times of the closure. To learn more about the entire process, click here: Block Party/Street Closure Procedure.

Q. How do I learn about Volunteering with the Police Department?
A. We have a very active volunteer/internship program. The first steps toward a volunteer position here are to complete an application and background packet. To obtain those, go to Police Department Background Forms. From there, download two files: Volunteer Background Form Part A as well as Background Form Part B. Return to the Police Department home page, go to Volunteer Opportunities, then scroll to the bottom to Download a Volunteer Program Application.

If you are seeking one of the Department’s unpaid internships for college credit, follow these same steps but contact the internship coordinator at your learning institution as well, to learn about the school’s requirements.

Once you have those completed, contact the Police Department’s Volunteer Coordinator at (623) 773-5058.